Welcome to everyone! This time we are going to discuss with you that 3 big returns we may see on upcoming Monday Night Raw. Friends! Next week Monday Night Raw is going to held at Boston, MA on 25 March 2019. As we know that only two weeks are left to happening the Wrestle Mania 35, and we are very exciting for this huge event. We are going to see some of the greatest matches like Triple H vs Batista, AJ Styles vs Randy Orton, Shane McMahon vs The Miz, Kurt Angle’s farewell match, and many more.

But here we are going to tell that who may return on next Monday Night Raw? We know some of the superstars are left to book for Wrestle Mania 35, and only 16 days are only left. So next Raw is the right time to bring those wrestlers, and book for the match at Wrestle Mania. So, without taking the further time, let’s start the article.


Monday Night Raw Predictions | 3 major Returns on Raw

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We all know that how important role can play John Cena to draw the money for WWE. People spends lots of money to see John Cena. The platform like Wrestle Mania obviously WWE wants to bring him back. The questions is arising that how WWE can book Cena for the Wrestle Mania? It was rumors that John Cena may face Kurt Angle for Kurt’s farewell match. But on last RAW, all rumors died when Kurt Angel announced that Baron Corbin will be his Wrestle Mania’s opponent. After the announcement of this match, people are not interesting to see this match because they all want any great superstar to face Kurt Angle. Even they were chanting for John  Cena.

We think WWE may change this match on next RAW. Things will happen like that Cena will come on next RAW, and demands a match against Kurt Angle at Wrestle Mania. This is our prediction. But I think Vince knows well that how they can book this match. So we have to wait for next RAW.


Wrestle Mania 35

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Two week ago on Monday Night RAW, we saw that Drew McIntyre attacked brutally on Roman Reigns. Due to this attack Roman suffered with a small injury. That’s why he missed the last RAW. On the same RAW, Drew defeated Dean Ambrose in a very bad manner. On last RAW Drew challenged Roman Reigns for the match at Wrestle Mania, and defeated Seth Rollins. Although its true that Brock Lesnar did interfare on that match. This means that “Hounds Of Justice” is in danger.

So, to take revenge Roman may come on next RAW, and may accept the challenge of Drew McIntyre for a match at Wrestle Mania. For next RAW, Drew McIntyre is booked for a match against Bobby Lashley and Finn Balor for the Intercontinental Championship. Roman Reigns may spoil this opportunity for Drew McIntyre by attacking on him. So, we may see a brawl between both of them or Roman may destroy Drew McIntyre.


Monday Night Raw Predictions | 3 major Returns on Raw

We all know Wrestle Mania is nothing without Undertaker. If we talk about Wrestle Mania then first person comes in our mind, and that is The Undertaker. But this year, WWE still not book him for a match at Wrestle Mania. Rumors was that he may face ‘Demon’ Finn Balor at Wrestle Mania. But still this not happened. If WWE is planning to bring him back, the next RAW is better to call him. Because we may see a small rivalry between Finn and Undertaker. So, we need to wait for next week. It is only in the hands of Vince McMahon that will he bring the Undertaker or not? and who will be his opponent for Wrestle Mania 35?

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