Welcome to everyone. Today we are going to discuss with you that, top 3 rivals for John Cena at Wrestle Mania 35. As we know that we are in road to Wrestle Mania 35. Its been only 1 month is left for happening this mega event. We can’t wait to see this huge event. WWE already has increased the level of exciting by bringing Roman Reigns and Batista back. There are some others superstars are still left to come in WWE like Undertaker, Trish Stratus, Lita,  Rock etc. If WWE will bring Cena for Wrestle Mania, then exciting level will reach on the peak. As we know that John Cena is very busy for his movies shooting. But I think he will be available for Mania because Mania without Cena is something left to watch. So, without time wasting, let see who will be the opponent of John Cena at Wrestle Mania 35?


John Cena vs Samoa Joe at Wrestle Mania 35

Image Credit To WWE

This is the most probable that can happen. Why we are saying this? Because as we saw that the former United States champion R-Truth did the open challenge for the United States championship. Both time he mentioned about John Cena that John is his idle. But he lost the title last week from Samoa Joe in a fatal 4 way. After winning the title, Samoa Joe told about R-Truth that if John Cena is his idle, then he is foolish. With this statement, Samoa Joe has started this feud.

While the time when US title was in the hands of Shinsuke Nakamura and R-Truth, US title lost his prestige. But now it got some prestige. But I think US title will gain its peak prestige, when it will go in the hands of John Cena. We have to wait for upcoming Smackdown Live show. I think it will be a good match for Wrestle Mania.


John Cena vs drew McIntyre at Wrestle Mania 35

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Before this year’s  Royal Rumble, we saw a small feud between John Cena and Drew McIntyre. Drew told to Cena that he is the one who broke the Shield, and Curt Angle legacy. He claimed about himself that he is a giant killer. We saw some arguments between them. We thought that after Royal Rumble we will see a rivalry between John Cena vs Drew McIntyre. But it couldn’t happen because Cena went for his movie shooting. Rumors is saying that Drew is going to get a great push by the WWE. I think he will get a big momentum by doing the match against John Cena at Wrestle Mania. If he defeat him, then it will be the icing on the cake.


Daniel Bryan vs John Cena at Wrestle Mania 35

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This is one of the match that WWE Universe want to see. After returning into heel character, Daniel Bryan is one of the most hated superstars in current time. Due to this, WWE Championship lost its prestige. As we are watching that Daniel is doing some stupid things like burning of original WWE title, and bringing the new WWE title. Obviously, it was a storyline. The character he is playing, i think he needs a top face superstar, and we all know that if we talk about face superstar, then Cena comes on top.

John Cena at Wrestle Mania 35

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If WWE make this match, then John Cena can make a world record. Right now, he is 16 time world champion which is equal to legend Rick Flair. If he defeat Daniel Bryan at Wrestle Mania 35, the he will become the 17 time world champion. I think this is the right time that WWE needs to do this, because John is always busy in his movies shooting, and he come in WWE very few times. Wrestle Mania is the grandest stage of all time, and this is the perfect stage to make this world record. After coming in the hands of John Cena, WWE championship will get a top prestige.

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