WWE SmackDown Live Results | Smackdown 1000 Episodes | Evolution Return

Welcome to the WWE Smackdown. Today, we are going to tell you about the historic night of WWE and for Smackdown Live itself, which is the WWE Smackdown live results of 1000 episode. Yes! It is true that Smackdown completed its 1000 episode. It’s a big achievement for Smackdown Live.
Smackdown Live 1000 episodes was held at Washington DC on 16 October 2018. WOW! What a great night it was. We saw many surprising things, great returns, title change, great matches, lots of action etc. Really, Smackdown Live 1000 episode was superb, and also better than Raw’s 25th anniversary.
I think you all are very excited to know that what happened tonight on Smackdown Live 1000th episode. So, without wasting the time, let’s take a ride to our article and know how the WWE celebrated this epic night. Read the following article:-

McMahon family on R-Truth TV |  Smackdown Live

Show started by the R-Truth TV. They entertained the audience for some time and then, we saw the Stephanie McMahon entrance. Then, after Shane McMahon came and he welcomed the Stephanie by saying “Welcome to the A show”. Surprisingly, we saw the return of the owner of the company Mr. Vince McMahon. Vince interrupted his son and daughter and told them WWE fans are not interested to see your arguments, they come for entertainment. Then, we saw a dance by the McMahon family with R-Truth and Carmella. Really, it was the good opening of the Smackdown Live 1000 episodes.

Tag team match | AJ Styles & Daniel Bryan vs. The USOS

After this, we saw a huge tag team match between the team of AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan vs. The USOS. It was the good match with lot of action. By accidently, Bryan’s kick hit on the AJ’s face, and USOS took this advantage and hit the two super kicks on the face of Daniel Bryan simultaneously and USOS won the match.

Evolution Return on the WWE SmacDown Live

Next segment was the return of the Evolution. Everyone was waiting for this team. Then, every member of the Evolution addressed the WWE. They shared their past experienced. But, the interesting thing was that, when Batista started to do addressed the WWE and then, he appreciated all Evolution members. At last, he appreciated the Triple h that whatever he done for the WWE, is incredible. But, then told a line that “He never beat him”. This statement teased a match between Triple h vs. Batista. Let’s see, when happen this epic battle?

The Miz vs. Rusev | World Cup Tournament | Qualifying Match

Then, we saw a match between the Miz vs. Rusev, and the winner will be qualify for the World Cup Tournament which going to held at Crown Jewel. We saw, Aiden English cost the Rusev qualifying match and by distraction Rusev lost the match. This means, Miz also joined the World Cup Tournament. At last, we saw a little revenge by the Rusev.

Edge return with the Cutting Edge show | Becky Lynch as a guest

Next, we saw the return of the Edge with his famous Cutting Edge show. He addressed the WWE universe and talked about his legacy in SmackDown. Then, he called out the Becky Lynch as a guest on his show. He told her that sometimes a time come in life that you don’t like yourself. Then, Becky told him that “Yes don’t like on herself because she love herself”. Then, Becky embarrassed the Edge. After this conversation, Charlotte Flair came out and again a huge brawl happened between these two ladies.

New Day vs. The Bar | Smackdown Tag Team Championship| Big Show Returns

Next, we saw a Smackdown Live tag team match on the SmackDown Live 1000 episode. It was the good match booked by the WWE creative team. The match was lot of entertainment, full of surprising things and huge action. We saw many pinfalls in this match. Surprisingly, Big show return in this match, and attacked on the Xavier Wood, and Bar won this match. This means, The Bar is now, the new Smackdown Live tag team champion.

SmackDown Live Results | WWE Rumors | Rock Tweet

Then, we saw a tweet by the Rock.
Then, we saw a video clip by the Cenation Leader the John Cena. He addressed the crowd of Smackdown Live 1000 episode. He thanked to the WWE universe. He told Smackdown Live 1000 episode doesn’t happen without the WWE universe.
We also saw the Curt Angel to do commentary of match between The Miz vs. Rusev.

Rey Mysterio vs. Shinsuke Nakamura | World Cup Qualifying Match

After this, we saw the return of 619 (Rey Mysterio). He fought against the Shinsuke Nakamura for qualify to the World Cup tournament. In this, we saw the full action of Rey Mysterio. Nakamura gave a strong competition. But at the end, Rey Mysterio won the match by his finisher move 619. He qualified for the World Cup Tournament which is going to happen at Crown Jewel.

The Undertaker Promo-Cut | Addresses the D-X-Generation

This was the main event of the SmacDown Live 1000 episode. It was a little segment by the deadman. We saw the Undertaker on the ring. He addressed the D-X-Generation team and told at Crown Jewel, The D-X-Generation will rest in peace.
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